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I started biking in 2015 and was influenced by a family friend who used to ride a 2005 Yamaha R1 at the time. I had my 1st riding lessons on the same bike. I vividly remember entire experience, switching the ignition on, the release of the clutch and millions of goosebumps that rushed through my body. I immediately enrolled at Inked Riding School to perfect my riding skills, and then later went for offroad training with Rhino Riders. The effort I took to attend these two riding institutions helped me perfect my cornering and emergency braking ability.

A few months later I felt like exploring other biking related activities, so I attended a 2 weeks long biking tour in 2018. We rode to Sagana-Nairobi-Mombasa-Machackos-Nairobi-Nakuru-Rusinga Island-Baringo-Kericho-Nairobi. It was this particular tour that boosted my confidence in riding, to an extent that I felt like taking on the next biking challenge, RACING.

In April 2019 I applied for the Road Warrior Drag Race, my weapon of choice was a Suzuki GSR750. At 18yrs old, I was the youngest in my category. You should have seen how nervous I was on the day, racing against experienced riders. Fortunately, the nerves didn’t get the best of me, as I managed to beat a couple of experienced riders and walked away with far greater confidence. The occasion was filled with spectators who cheered me on, it was as though I had been teleported to a completely different planet. I competed in 4 races o the day, and though I didn’t win 3 races i did not back down. I did far better on my final race against our young champion racer, number 19-Peejay Gathaiya who was on a CBR600RR

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Having the opportunity to ride different types of bikes opened up a whole new whole for me. I have now been to different regions in Kenya I never thought I would see. My greatest achievement in biking is that of being the youngest female racer in Kenya.

I look forward to racing internationally one day, and owning my own MiniMoto track and training school. Hoping my son will follow in my footsteps.

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