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My favourite question to answer: Where my love for biking started…I remember it as if it was yesterday, the day I felt my body vibrating to the Vroom sound that approached my mother’s house, the first time I laid eyes on my uncles 2 wheeler and fell in love.

He could see the excitement in my eyes, I couldn’t hide it, so when I asked to go for a ride …he was only ready to oblige. I felt the type of freedom one can’t put into words, a person needs to experience it to thoroughly understand it. When your mind, body and soul are in sync, that was the day I made a life changing decision of being a biker and one day owning my personal metal machine.

2015 was the year I decided to take my love for biking to the next level and bought my first bike, a Honda VFR 400 and though I couldn’t wait to feel the wind through my hair, my confidence level was zero to none, so riding lessons were of vital importance…before finally gaining enough balls to ride on my own.

Then the day came, when I gained the confidence I needed to take my first trip, It was to work ,through the busy streets of Cape Town CBD and if one is familiar with that area, they would know how chaotic the traffic is. To answer your question….Yes, it was terrifying but I knew I had to do it, swallow the terror and do it over and over until the love overpowered the fear.

2016 I was now a pro, and needed to understand and experience biking on a higher more thrilling level , so decided purchase a GSXR 600cc…I named her Suzi, one of my best buys. Suzi and I travelled from coast to coast where I met like-minded people who loved the art of biking just like I did if not more.

The more Suzi and I rode the streets of South Africa the more I wanted to experience biking on an even higher, more thrilling level, so in 2018, I registered with Killarney International Raceway based in Cape Town for drag events where I raced against the best in South Africa, which let me to join one of the best supporting group in racing called the Intifada. It was during these adrenaline rush times where I had my first accident, a reminder of how one needed to understand the risk associated with the sport.

In 2019, I bought my Ray of sunshine, a 2007 Suzuki 750cc and decided to join in the cross country Women’s Ride Relay passing a baton, which was the first of its kind. ( A memory I will forever cherish).

January 2020, I joined the first group of women bikers travelling 1000km through Mossel Bay, George, Oudtshoom, De Rust and the likes. Though realities of the Covid 19 pandemic has given birth to fear and uncertainty of the future, I am grateful that I can still experience the freedom and the personal relationship I share with my motorcycle on the open road. Riding gives me a sense of freedom, it lightens my thought processes, increases my sanity levels and decreases my stress levels. A runner experiences a release of endorphins and riding a motorcycle is no different. Biking is not a phase, It’s my life, It’s not a hobby ,It’s my passion…yes it’s not for everyone but It’s for me.

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