Amicus MC South Africa


Established: 2013/04/05

Our Late National President, Hannes Retief, received our patch officially on the 4th of July 2013.

(Amicus members were riding with another Club from 2008. (That Club closed down and Amicus MC was born.))

Amicus = Friend  (Also, Friend of the Court in an advisory capacity)

Our Slogan: Morte ad Vitam

  • Morte – death
  • Ad – to
  • Vitam – life

The bikes:  a bike club that ride bike with honour and to enjoy the ride.

The wings:  Members are free to ride when we want to and enjoy the time with our family.

The faces inside the wings: Our Guardian Angels and protectors.

Punisher Skull : represents death and mortality and in a positive light the overcoming of obstacles.
The ugly teeth: represent fear and To be brave and in the presence of death and danger.
Infinity symbol: deep spirituality values, love, beauty, power & Balance.
Contact details : 

President: Edwin Driescher (King Ed) 071 864 7196


President: Dirk Pretorius (Chibs) 082 865 8366

National Treasurer: Mary Retief (Mrs M) 082 5789970

  cid:image002.jpg@01D4BEE7.9D735090  Mary Retief (Driescher) CAIB (SA) BCom (Risk) Amicus MC :  National Treasurer Club House: 127 Laseandra Ave, Môregloed, Pretoria, 1086, Gauteng, South Africa C +27 (0)82 578 9970 W +27 (0)12 436 3002 F +27 (0)11 500 8485 & F: 086 564 2007 @

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