1.History Club Name and background

The name I am One of Them was discovered and named mid-year in 2009 while attending Cane Rally in Pongola which by that time it had only less than 6 members. One of them Mcc is a KwaZulu Natal based motorcycle club with members consist of both genders male and female.

The founder is Mr. Mandla Masondo who started riding the previous year (2008) towards the end of it, there were few clubs by then in KZN, most were club were in Johannesburg, the founder after realizing that most bikers wear patches of their clubs and he does not belong to any and is not willing to join one, he then decided to go Solo and created his own name and colors, with no patch at the back of the waist coast it simply means he does not belong to any other club, different clubs in many occasions started approaching him trying to convince him to join them and become a member, most of those Clubs were from Gauteng province, they failed that is when the name came up “I AM ONE OF THEM” the purpose was to avoid or keep them away, it couldn’t work because they started asking questions like they have never heard or know about that Club.

Mr. Terrence Mthethwa the first guy to request to have this patch then then others join that was Mr. Sabelo Mthethwa, Mr. Richard Mthembu, Mr. Vusumuzi Dube, Miss Portia S’khakhane and Miss Samkelisiwe Ndlovu were always attending Rallies by that time so everyone decided that lets all wear these colors as our uniform not as a club.

Third rally that we all attended was Balele in Utrecht after attending few, we had a meeting while in Balele with other guys which are now members of other clubs we talk came up with the idea that we must try to visit or gather each other towards where each of us come from while doing that lots of money bikers spend in entertainment what if we take a certain potion of it we turn that into helping or giving back to the community.

The first charity One of Them did was in May 2012 in Mbazwana (far North of KZN next to Sodwana bay) which was a success. The following year May 2013 during our second charity more members mostly from north became interested and wanted to join that is when we decided to follow all necessary guide lines and the a club was formed which consisted of more than 10 membership. During the year 2014 club’s logo was redesigned or edited from the original one by Mr. Jabulani Mpontsane (Shenge) it was his idea as deputy president at that time, things that were added the wings which the logo did not have before another thing that was changed was the wording font or wording but the colors remained the same. The house does not have a Club house. We don’t have a specific destination for our club breakfast run, the club has already done 8 successful charity run in KZN, and all those runs took place last week of May every year since that is our charity month date to Amadlelandawonye calendar since the club is a member of Amadlelandawonye KZN Bikers.


  • To accommodate everyone interested in biking and socially.
  • To promote the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood and good citizenship amongst the club members, their families, fellow bike clubs and the community at large
  • To align our club with similar clubs, community and government strategies aimed at supporting the needy and protection of the rights of those who are unable to protect themselves
  • To procure assets/property for the club jointly and separately for the benefit of all members in good standing of the club
  • To avail opportunities for both material and financial growth for members in good standing in the club

The following is the Club’s structure which form the executive committee of the club:

The President – Mr Mandla Masondo

Secretary – Ms Samkelisiwe Ndlovu

Treasure – Ms Mpume Dludlu

Co-ordinator – Sihle Mathenjwa

Public Relations officer – Ms Phumla Sithole

Road Captain – Mr Richard Mthembu

Clubs contact details

Mandla Masondo – 083 724 0024 / 079 479 7499

Sihle Mathenjwa – 072 321 2997

Phumla Sithole – 066 233 8847

Executive Committee

An executive committee is responsible for holding meetings alone without the whole club’s members in order to take necessary steps or decisions on critical and none critical decisions on behalf of the club, and to be part of any high-level meetings which don’t necessary needs the whole club to attend, but only if there is a need for it.

The Clubs has a constitution which is as a guide line.

2. Patch

The colors of the club are black, orange, lime or green and yellow/Gold in a rounded shape.

Black is the background color.

3. The Slogan

Sisonke’ is our Club slogan, a South African Zulu language word it is commonly understood to represent notions of togetherness, unity, solidarity, peace and love. The Club is busy negotiating to find a new slogan reason in KZN we have a club with that name.

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