A case of nature over nurture: BIOLOGY CLASS IN SESSION 😊
One can argue that the reason why ladies find themselves attracted to motorcycles and bikers more rather than cars, is a case of societal conditioning. But, I’d argue different… This is where DNA and evolution come in. Noooo, am not about to start a rant about religion and science. No. 😊 Chill.
See, ladies are genetically hard wired to be more attracted to men that have physical strength (chunky muscles) and material wealth. They cannot help it. All mammals are designed this way. It is an aspect of survival; that the more wealth and vigor a male has, the higher the chances of offspring having the same characteristics and surviving because they are well provided for. So, yes! Whether you want to resist it or not, the lady will most likely look into your potential to provide and protect first, more than anything else.
But, what about motorcycles?? Some are cheaper than cars and present more dangers and risks inherently than cars… 🤔🤔 Why would ladies gravitate towards bikers….especially SPORT BIKERS? Well, simple biology comes in to explain: males that exhibit higher levels of skill by manhandling fast and powerful sport bikes on the streets or track generally exude more testosterone than others who drive cars or work with other motorcycles.
That hormone is potent and can be sensed easily by ladies. How? Pheromones! These are chemical trails your body produces and leaves them hanging about in the air. It is the reason why dogs can track u very well. It is the reason behind your specific scent. The reason behind every perfume smelling different on different people. Pheromones carry with them information regarding how sexually viable or potent a potential mate is. The more potent the testosterone, the more potent the pheromones and so, naturally, a lady’s nose will pick up on that (subconsciously… You are not in control of it) and she will be all giggly giggly touchy feely around bikers.
Bikers who also ride big thumpers like Harley’s and other thunderous classics will also attract their fair share of female audiences because of the same reason. The cement to it all is the thrill and danger. To a woman’s biology, this man has vigor and virility because he is taking on more risks and therefore will be able to defend and provide for the family and her needs. Add in the cost of the bike and maintenance and you will have biker relationships lasting longer than others.
So, yes, when you hear and see girls screaming and shouting and acting silly around sport bikes and thumpers, just smile and wave, for nature wins, all the time.

Written By: Morris Njue

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