Owning a motorbike is a personal life choice. One day when I am very old and cannot ride anymore, it will be in my garage as a trophy and memorabilia.

Through biking, I’ve met amazing people from whom I learned a thing or two, and who possess the same spirit as mine. And now I meet people whom I share my wisdom, skill and experiences with.

I get wet; I get cold; I have been hot; I have been scared, I’ve never fell but I’ve seen my friends falling and standing up. I have laughed out loud with the wind; I spoke a thousand times with myself and still do; I have sang and shouted with joy like a madman, and yes, I have also cried.

I have seen wonderful places because of motorcycles; I have negotiated curves that even my late mom would be proud of. I have stopped many times to see and admire landscapes; I have spoken to perfect strangers. I go out with frustrations inside and return home with a feeling of absolute peace in my heart.

I know how inherently dangerous it is, and knowing that the meaning of courage is to advance even feeling fear. Every time I go out for a ride I think about how wonderful it is. I have learned how to communicate with other riders through gestures and signals. I spend money that I do not have and have sacrificed and gave up many things, but it's all worth it.

My bike is not a means of transportation but is a piece of steel, aluminum, and plastic with wheels that I am blessed with; It’s part of who I am; I love my brothers and sisters, as well as the joy of amazing people and beautiful motorbikes. 

May my ancestors protect me and guard my travels, for they know the road ahead of me.

By: Max Rabalago ka Zondi

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