Charity Runs


This year in commemoration of Breast Cancer awareness, the Women Bikers’ Association led an initiative dubbed Bikers for Boobies to raise awareness on the disease within its biking community and to the wider public. Throughout the month of October in partnership with Cancer Café, Inked Sisterhood and Throttle Queens clubs, we disseminated key messages and facts on cancer through our social media platforms to put spotlight on myths and realities around cancer for people to be better informed about the disease and its impact.

In culmination of the campaign, we conducted a ‘Ride for Cancer’ to Sagana with over 90 male and female bikers including doctors, health experts and cancer warriors riding from Nairobi to educate us more about the disease. We conducted a series of activities including breast ultrasound for 15 women conducted by volunteer doctors, speed-date group talk on nutrition, causes, treatments and types of cancer and also heard from the cancer warriors who shared their personal testimonies of hope and courage on how they are living with the disease.

Prior to this, we hosted an insightful Webinar dubbed, ‘The Pink Circle’ where experts shared information about cancer to debunk myths around it as well as listened to breast cancer advocates and personal testimonies to learn more about screening, early detection, and various cancers prevalent in men and women in Kenya. In addition, we had a successful ‘Pink Friday’ selfie day where we mobilized male and female bikers to post a selfie wearing anything pink and dedicate it to someone they knew that has been affected by cancer and all those caring for cancer survivors.

It is our hope that with this campaign, there will be an increase in awareness on cancer and early detection that speaks to our campaign slogan Check Often, Detect Early, Save Lives.

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