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In the recent past, the first weekend of November every year has always been symbolic of a massive endeavor to conclude a year on a high note filled with excitement and jubilation for BIG Fellas MCC. This weekend has grown to be very centric in nature since BIG Fellas has been hosting it’s annual Day Jol which was unceremoniously put on hold by Covid19 and concomitant regulations this year. Under normal circumstances the annual Day Jol is preceeded by a Charity activity on a Saturday where we normally reach out to those in need by providing basic daily essentials as this remains the corner stone of our existence as a Club. In the light of this pandemic and having the interest of our patrons and community at heart we deemed it necessary to adhere and observe the regulations and opted not to host the annual Day Jol as expected. Unbearable as it was not to host, we thought of a way of reaching out to the families in need the same way we would have with hosting the event, we had to think creatively. Therefore changed the approach and earmarked an uncharted territory.

Note must be taken that as a Club we have done charity mostly in and around urbanized areas but this time bearing in mind the scourge of Covid19, we opted to go to a semi rural area of Maluti A Phofung Local Municipality, Namahadi Village where poverty is an every day normal to most albeit Covid19.

The sole intention was to go to an area which has been neglected in more ways than one. Safe to say, some years back the Club has pass through the other part of this village and touched just one family and we thought it is unfair since most of the members hail from the same vicinity and has the sight of what communities are exposed to almost daily. We then approached community leaders and Morena e Moholo wa Bakoena ba Mopeli who is also a member of the Club since the village falls in his area of jurisdiction. We were mindfull that this is one of the highly poverty stricken area in and around Qwa Qwa and we knew we couldn’t possibly do this by ourselves. We banked on the support of our own members, approached some local businesses to ensure that we can make an indelible mark. Those that we have approached were kind enough to hear our plea and came on board. With the support of members of the Club we got sponsors and variety of donations from BIBI Supermarket, Qwa Qwa Cash n Carry, Baikopantse Trading, Ntate Madoda Khoba, Nhlanhla Shisanyanama and Morena e Moholo wa Bakoena ba Mopeli to get the ball rolling to achieve our goal.

With all these efforts we were able to provide food parcels to about 70 families, issued 10 blankets to elderly people and sanitary towels to all young women and girl child in attendance.

We wish to appreciate the support of Morena e Moholo wa Bakoena ba Mopeli, local community leaders, member of Ward Committee, bikers, Mahata Mmoho, MOIFO, Diparola, Clarens Bikers, Rhino Riders, TMD VW crew, the sponsors and everyone who joined us on the day. It is worth mentioning that without support from everyone mentioned above this would have not been possible. May the good Lord of grace bless every hand that gave and supported our course, because faith sees best in the dark.

Roy T Bennet once said “Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps other see; it is what gives lives it’s deepest significance.”

We ponder on the words of Martin Luther King Jr when he said “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

Saka le Yona

By: Hauzza

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