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Who we are:
The Women Bikers’ Association (K) is a group of female motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts drawn
from all walks of life. The Association was conceived in October 2013 as a forum for lady riders to support
and learn from each other and network in a safe, secure environment. We have shared and learnt so much
and we continue to grow as an association.

What we do:
As full-time mothers, professional workers, entrepreneurs and business owners, we enjoy the few quiet moments on our bikes when we can focus on the one thing we love to do: ride! ride! ride! Those moments call for one’s full attention and concentration on the road. Riding has many benefits and in particular the sense of freedom one gets to enjoy while powered on two wheels. As female bikers we encourage more women to venture into the exciting adventure of riding. The association strongly advocates for safe riding as we live for the day where there will be a substantial increase in the number of women riding on the Kenyan roads and beyond. We believe in pushing boundaries while continuing to set its sights higher in order to benefit our members and the greater motorcycling community.”. We seek to be an encouragement to young women and men out there to follow their hearts and live their dreams.

Every year in the month of October, we seek to highlight Cancer to the community in various facets. In 2017, together with Faraja Trust we held a cancer talk for the bikers and the community and contributed funds towards the trust. In 2018, we visited the Kenyatta Hospital Children’s Cancer Ward by spending the day with the children living with cancer and donated toiletries. In 2019, together with the Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations, we met a group of cancer survivors in Mukuruwe-ini Hospital, Nyeri and donated toiletries as well as supported in the distribution of breast prosthesis. This year, our focus is on Cancer Awareness and Screening for early detection in a campaign dubbed
“Bikers for Boobies”. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact all of us in various ways, we want to put a spotlight on cancer and regular screening. During the months of October and November, we will seek to share knowledge through expert talks, webinars, and social media messaging to raise awareness. The aim is to encourage all our members and the motorcycling/biking community at large to get screened.
Cancer Awareness Campaign Throughout this month, we are sharing key messages and facts on cancer using our various social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook. We had a successful ‘Pink Friday’ selfie day on 9 October where we mobilized all the lady bikers and
male bikers to post a selfie wearing anything pink and dedicate it to anyone someone they know
personally that has been affected by cancer and all those out there who are caring for those living with

On Wednesday, 14 October we shall be hosting an insightful Webinar from 7-8pm dubbed, ‘The pink
Circle’ where participants will hear from the experts, personal testimonies and breast cancer advocates
to learn more about screening, early detection, and various cancers prevalent in men and women in

On the 24th October, we will have our ‘Ride for Cancer’ to Sagana where we shall host another series of talks on cancer awareness in particular breast cancer. It is our hope that with this campaign, there will be increase in awareness on cancer and early detection.
Support and Partnership with likeminded partners, we seek your support and partnerships through:
i. Support on our 2020 social media campaign dubbed ‘Bikers’ for Boobies’ that seeks to raise awareness with publics on cancer.
ii. Support commemoration of the Cancer Ride for the bikers on 24 October, to Sagana.
iii. Any financial support that would go towards the Cancer Café organization to set up a
prosthesis shop for cancer survivors.

Cancer Ride Agenda
0630-0715 – Welcome and Introduction
0730 – Departure
0900 – Arrival at the Venue
0915-0930 – Registration and Group Distribution
0930-1100 – Dancing musical Chairs
1100-1200 – Refreshments
1200-1330 – Survivors Talk
1330-1500 – Lunch
1500 – Depart to Nairobi

All motorcycle riders and enthusiasts in Kenya.
Date and Venue
Date: 24th October 2020
Venue: Sagana

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