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Brought to you by The Portuguese Forum of South Africa, the Social Solidarity Food Drive will take place on Sunday, 6 September at the corner of Atlas Road and Silver Wings Boulevard, Parkhaven, Kempton Park from 09h00.

The aim of the Social Solidarity Food Drive is to share in the spirit of Ubuntu by bringing as many resources from both local and international cultural community and charity groups, corporate brands, farmers, and the public together in one impactful food drive initiative. It is intended to help those in need and to highlight the many, often unrewarded South Africans who do amazing work.

We invite all South Africans to take part in the drive-through by dropping off their donations at the marquee of the charity or community group of their choice, knowing that every donation counts in the fight against hunger.

Four tons of food had been pledged and raised by The Portuguese Forum, Farmer Associations and various sponsors. We intend to reach out to all Bikers, Bike clubs, Friends, Families and the Communities as a whole to help us expand our efforts in raising 20 tons of food for the 7 charities represented under the Bikers Food Drive banner. Bikers are known to be the most charitable of people.

  1. We are looking for partners to help mobilize the bikers and public as well as nominate reputable charities within the biking community to help with this food feeding scheme.
  2. Cutting of a ribbon will take place to officially open the event by government and embassy representatives.
  3. You can nominate anyone within your immediate community whom you believe requires help, it then becomes your responsibility to donate to this particular person or charity. This is why the Social Food Drive has reached out to the biking community because bikers already have a reputation of giving back to their respective communities. In this manner, the food will reach people who desperately need it.

SOCIAL FOOD DRIVE was Live on Ekurhuleni Fm for an interview this morning. Click on the link and listen to the interview now


“Civilians Helping All In Need” (CHAIN)

Nadia Venter and Theo Kloppers founded “C.H.A.I.N”  at the beginning of South Africa’s Lock down, in order to make a difference in the lives of people who, overnight, became victims of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a situation that that no-one in the world could foresee.

C.H.A.I.N now consists of a team of Volunteers from the biking fraternity who give their time, week in week out to assist, headed by CEO, Aron Mashilo, Theo Kloppers the Vice President and Jana Jansen the Treasurer. These biker heroes give up their family time and covers all their own cost, we will not be able to do what we do without them.

C.H.A.I.N is a biker community supported NPO, most of our funding comes from the biker community.

A Face book page was started with the team inviting friends, family and colleagues to support them in collecting funds, food parcels and clothing for those in desperate need.

There has been an overwhelming response enabling C.H.A.I.N to, amongst others, provide wheelchairs to the disabled, feed people who couldn’t remember their last meal and providing the homeless with blankets and clothes, we have assisted 3500+ families in the last 6 months.

Many South Africans have opened their hearts and have come together as a Nation to support those less fortunate, but the pandemic has not even reached its peak and as such we cannot become complacent in our efforts.

Please assist us in carrying out our work – we cannot do it without you!

For more information on C.H.A.I.N, please contact:


RAMBO Establishment & Objectives
• Rainbow MzansiBikers Organisation (RAMBO) Council was established a few years back
and in November 2012 the Constitution was formally adopted.
• To build brotherhood and sisterhood among all bikers; irrespective of age, religion, race,
sexual orientation and type of motorcycle.
• To develop relationships between the community, other Presidents Councils and
motorcycles clubs.
• To contribute towards the betterment of the lives of our communities.
• To develop a relationship with Government and the Private Sector.
• To promote and improve activities amongst clubs affiliated to the organisation.

1 AyidumeImshini – Krugersdorp/Kagiso, GP
2 Mighty Warriors – Newscastle, KZN
3 Batsumi – Soweto, GP
4 Big Fellas – Bethlehem, FS
5 CoalTrain – Witbank, MP
6 Desperados – South Africa
7 Tigers – Vaal, GP
8 Vaal Commandos – Vaal, GP
9 Elite Riders – Rustenburg, NW
10 Assault Riders – Alexandra, GP
11 Hoodratz – Soweto, GP
12 CheckMate – Mafikeng , GP
13 Transformers – Pretoria, GP
14 Platinum Expandables – Pretoria, GP
15 Star Riders – Bloemfontein, FS
16 Diamond Knights – Kimberly, NC
17 Brotherhood Navigators – Kroonstad, FS
18 Jungle Catz – Bloemfontein, FS
19 Segongoana – Mafikeng, GP
20 Individuals – Soweto, GP
21 Mamenemene – Kuruman, NC

• RAMBO has a total number of 22 clubs which are spread across
SADC,with majority being in South Africa.
• Each Clubs is required to have a minimum of 10 bikers and
most of the clubs have an average of 25 members per club.
On average the composition of council in total is ±670.
• Over and above that, RAMBO is the voice for black bikers on
platforms like the African Brotherhood Forum which
organizes the Annual Ubuntu Run attracting over 10 000
bikers across a number of African countries.
• RAMBO is a predominantly black council that is affiliated to
the South African National Biking Council Alliance (SANBCA)
that representsthousandsof bikers across SA.
• With the SADC Tour RAMBO Council is starting to attract
clubs from our neighbouring SADC countries. The Kingdom
Riders Mcc is a club from Lesotho who joined the council
immediately after the RAMBO SADC TOUR in 2018.
• Council affiliates host Annual Charity Runs that benefit the
needy communities across SADC. They also host dayjols /runs
where bikers interact and build relations based on Loyalty ,Honour
and Respect. Brotherhood and Sisterhood are key
foundations of these interactions.


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