(NBK) for short , Natty The definition being of a person or an article of clothing that is smart and fashionable – is a lifestyle brand focused on providing biker inspired fashion couture for all individuals. The brand fuses traditional biker attire with strong urban/modern contemporary trends, ensuring exclusivity; not just for the biker community, but for non-biking individuals ,both young and old who might be seeking biker themed couture and/or accessories. Although in its infancy, the brand is determined to elevate the biker fashion scene in SA and Africa at large. It draws inspiration from international biker fashion brands like Ride Rich and wishes to bring such biker fashion influences to the African Biking market.

Excellent customer service is at the heart of the business, evidenced by the exceptional quality of product’s, order-to-delivery turnaround times as well as the clear and open lines of communication between the customer and management, NBK values each and every customer .

Business is currently exclusively operating Online with its online shop said to go live on the 01/09/20. The brand also has aspirations of eventually having a few flagship brick and mortar stores that will extend beyond just the fashion. On your next virtual shopping spree please do give NBK a try for some fresh, bold and Stylish biker couture.

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