• Club Name: X-Men M.C
  • Patch: As attached
  • Slogan: X-Men for Life
  • Back Ground: X-Men MC is a brotherhood of bikers which came about from xXx MC. Those considered X-Men Material were regular riders and held a bond of brotherhood between bikers like no other. X-Men MC has remained the fun-lobving club with God, Family and Work taking precedence over other agendas,under the guidance of President ,Ravi, and Vice-President ,Butch, who are both old school bikers living by the bikers code. X-Men patch was designed by the President which shows unity and brotherhood and encompasses X-Men’s code which are Respect, Honour and Loyalty. This code is how X-Men live and carry ourselves. X-Men have members in Durban, Johannesburg, Stanger and Greytown. X-Men welcome future bikers to join us in ensuring the old school biker code still lives on in everyone of us. 
  • Contact Details: Ravi: 084 804 2512
  • Club House: Manhattans Gateway
  • Favourite Breakfast Ride Destination: We do not have specific routes as we like to ride anywhere, however majority of our rides are towards PMB and back, We do also do long rides. 

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