The annual RAMBO SADC Tour is an official calendar event where bikers from across SADC lead by RAMBO descend on the host country for a period of three days. The event aims to unify the diverse biking communities from all over the SADC countries through a three day programme that includes a Mass Ride, touring part of the country, biker’s games including a meet and greet introductory session amongst others. The creation of this event is an enduring and inspirational legacy, which is also aimed at bringing
the biking community together but also relief and support to all those needy and destitute communities through a charity drive. History has also shown us that such events also contribute positively to the economy of the host country, this is drawn from our previous RAMBO SADC Tour
2017 that was hosted by Botswana Motorbike Clubs, which attracted just above 400 patrons and 2018 in Lesotho. RAMBO Council has decided to take the 2019 SADC Tour to Mozambique and the experience exceeded most bikers expectations. Bikers arrived on Friday, had a meet and greet. And then on Saturday morning Mozambican BIKERS took their visitors on a sight seeing tour. Heritage sites were visited, donations were offered to local charities and in the end, one big party was held at the end venue.

By: Thato Makgari aka VooDoo

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