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A Facebook post from Kenny’s wife “Alicia Lombard” after he was admitted in hospital:

“I miss my heart, my baby, my love, I want to hold him in my arms and kiss his forehead as we say goodnight 💕but unfortunately not this night…What a challenging and emotional day, struggling to get Kenny to the hospital… and of course I have to admit with shame that I somehow imagined that COVID wud never attack my family and I wud just continue to listen to other people’s stats and stories on the Tv and carry on with life. Reality stepped in painfully… Then he became sicker by the day, and I just went into dinial… I became torn between having him at home with me where I cud make him lemon water and run him a eucalyptus oil bath OR taking him to hospital where I knew I wudnt even be able to visit and see him at all, but he getting the help he needed…I had to watch this strong and bold man grow so weak. Broke my heart really. So I had to let go and let God. Kenny was admitted to hospital today, for how long I don’t know yet 😔 the volumes of calls and messages Kenny’s been receiving up till now, I must say God is good… you are ALL bringing renewed hope and faith to not just Kenny but us as his family too 🙏. I appreciate and thank all the love and concern the community of Atlantis, family and friends are showing him and us. You guys are amazing 🙏🙏🙏 please continue to pray for him and the many others out there facing this difficulty. Love you all ❤️ and Kenneth Lombard my love, I pray you will come home to us soon. Your kiddies miss u a lot OK. Stay strong”.

A heartfelt message from his club Destiny Riders MCC:

Kenny is without a doubt one of the most compassionate and humble individuals we have had the privilege of knowing.

Kenny represents a type of individual many aspire to be, a true role model and pillar in the community of Atlantis and the biking fraternity.

With a contagious smile and infectious laugh, he turned heads every time he spoke. He carried a presence about him because of the respect many have for him.

As President of Destiny Riders he always saw to it that organizations and individuals in the community of Atlantis were uplifted and supported by the club. Lifting the profile of biking in the community.

He always welcomed new prospects with open arms and loved introducing them wholeheartedly into the biking fraternity. At the end of the day it was all about the love of biking.

Kenny was first and foremost a husband, father, brother, a man of faith and defender of those in need. Someone who honestly made this world a better place.

Our hearts are left with a massive void but know his legacy will live on through us as a club, his children and family.

Rest Peacefully Kenneth “Kenny” Lombard, we love and miss you tremendously.

Destiny Riders MCC

Video courtesy of: Zahid Hassan

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