Helmets Up


You were not just a friend,but a brother, a rock, someone we could depend on for anything, because that’s who you were. Irrespective of your small body structure, you were a giant with shoulders to carry anyone or anything. Irrespective of your dark toned skin, you would light up any room you walked into with that awesome smile

Your generosity was unraveled, with the little you had you were willing to help were necessary. If feel your gone too soon, however GOD knows that your purpose here on earth has been fulfilled, hence he has called you home. You’ll forever be remembered and missed, and we will keep all the good memories we once shared in our hearts.

Sometimes it’s easy to breakdown and cry, however you always taught us to be strong for those weaker than us. There’s so much I can say about you, but it cuts way too deep inside of me trying to do so. You were and always will be my “BROTHERSKEEPER”. From Ian Rehman

POEM by Ian Rehman

Saddle up BIKER. This was truly your life and you lived it without any reservations.Loving these Iron Horses and loving to ride them as well. You always sat tall on that saddle and rode so well. You were one true biker, and this, anyone could tell. Your helmet and patch, you wore with pride. Your life here on earth is now over. Not because you’re dead, but because you reached the finish line first. GOD has plans for you. So saddle up BIKER, this is now the other part of your journey. God will lead you up to heaven and will be right by your side as you were for us. So once again I say to you…Saddle up BIKER. It’s time for your last ride

Lala ngoxolo my ninja. We are honoured to have known you and spent time with you

Written by Ian Rehman

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