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The first rule I was taught was “It doesn't matter who you are! It doesn't matter who looks after your bike! It matters not if your tyre warmer/blanket light is on!
It is your RESPONSIBILITY as a rider to feel the heat of your tyres. Don’t just look, see the light & assume it’s ok. You must touch the tyre put your hand underneath the warmer and feel the rubber if it’s hot.”

I was told this as I watched with an amazed expression on my face when a rider dropped their bike on the first turn 🏍 🤕 . So gentle yet so embarrassing at the same time.... a frustratingly slow crash 🥺 

I know I may seem too forward,
I know I may be confused as a know it all,
I know I may sound like a broken record repeating the same line over & over. The truth is, I am always broken as the carnage just keeps piling up. 😔
The cycle of pain, tears 😭, regret, widows just never ends. We expect people / families to never fear when we get on our bikes and yet we never give them anything in return but just death 💀 so their fear is valid their pain is real. 

We don’t normalize rider training, we don’t normalize bike etiquette, we don’t normalize bike self introspection we don’t normalize calling each other into order when we on bikes.

We normalize a bike lifestyle with no responsibility.
We normalize speed with no fear.
We normalize fast with no perspective.
We normalize riding with no skill ...
I hope we don’t normalize Helmet UP, we must take action and train ourselves and normalize skilling each other.

Back to my turn 1 crash, when rider comes back and is asked what happened? when they new or don’t know cold tyres, they say it felt like I was on ice 🧊 I was smooth on throttle n bike send me spinning and experienced riders will be fuming 😤 back into the pits looking at their support team why did you send me out on cold tyres.
So my message 📝 is go to track, learn your bike, bond with it 🏍 ❤️. On track there are rules 🏁 🏴 🏳️ 🚩 that helps us keep our bikes up and if we don’t follow them we get punished. Be the master of your bike normalize training yourself to be better with your machine. 

You already are above normal for riding a bike because not everyone can do it. But rather do it better and stay informed all the time. Normalize Track testing trust me it will make you a better rider n give you an understanding of what kind of machine you really have underneath you. Just like us racers it’s our own responsibilities to ensure our tyres are hot I challenge you too to make sure your riding skill is your RESPONSIBILITY


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