My name is John Bapela, born on 29 October many years ago😁. I hail from the historical township of Sharpeville and spent most of my childhood there. My love for biking started at the age of 8 years and was inspired by the likes of Swazi, Thanzi and Bra Oupa Repsol who were already riding in those days. They would fix their bikes at the back of my house and I would eagerly await them to finish to I could ask for a ride around the block.

I was truly inspired by these guys and I knew that one day I will buy a bike. So my first ride on a bike on my own was when Thanzi borrowed me his bike and gave me a quick tutorial, it was after these few lesson that my mind became fixated on owning a bike. In 2012 I bought my first bike, but was’t affiliated to any club. I would often tag along with one of the local clubs “Vaal Commandos” and started attending Dayjols and Rallies with them. I then become fond of the club due to the peace and harmony that existed within the club.

I then decided to join Vaal Commandos in 2013, and then in 2017 I then became the interim president of the club, and then later officially became the Vice-President. Currently, I own both a cruiser “Suzuki Boulevard” and a superbike “Honda Fireblade”. What attracted me to biking was the social responsibility aspect of it.

Fast forward January 2020, during the Rambo AGM I became hugely surprised to be nominated as chairperson of the organization filling in the ranks of the prestigious Pres Camza from “Ayidume Imishini”. I trust that my contribution will help push Rambo reach greater heights, with the support, love and respect from the entire biking community.

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