A Ride To Parys

On Sunday 11 February 2024, some members of the Bikers of Africa Adventure group congregated at the Sasol Garage (South) on the N12 next to Lenasia. This monthly rendezvous promised an exhilarating journey, with O’s Restaurant in Parys as the ultimate destination.

As the group prepared to embark on their expedition, excitement buzzed in the air. Adventure seekers clad in leather gear and helmets exchanged greetings, eagerly anticipating the day ahead. For some, the off-road route was a thrilling prospect, while others opted for the smoother asphalt roads, ensuring all members felt comfortable and included in the adventure.

The route promised breathtaking scenery, winding through rugged terrain and picturesque landscapes. While the off-road enthusiasts blazed trails, those on the asphalt route savored the anticipation of reuniting with their comrades at O’s Restaurant.

Nestled close to nature, O’s Restaurant has been a beacon of elegance and culinary excellence since its establishment in 2005. Boasting a stunning garden setting with panoramic views of the Vaal River, it offers a serene ambiance for diners to indulge in heartwarming, delicious meals. With indoor and outdoor dining options, including a private riverfront area, O’s Restaurant caters to every preference, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

As the day unfolded, the adventure took an unexpected turn when the entire group decided to veer off-road on their journey home. Embracing the spirit of exploration, they delved into uncharted territory, immersing themselves in the thrill of the unknown.

Crossing the majestic Vaal River, the bikers seized the opportunity to pause and capture moments against the backdrop of the tranquil waters. Here, they encountered local fishermen, whose warm hospitality and camaraderie added an enriching dimension to their journey. Amidst shared stories and newfound friendships, one rider (Fresh – GSB Chairman) even received impromptu fishing lessons, a testament to the genuine connections forged on the road.

Despite the rugged terrain and the elements, the day unfolded seamlessly, with no incidents reported. With spirits high and hearts full, the group concluded their adventure with a sweet treat, indulging in Magnum Ice Cream as they reminisced about the highlights of the day.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the Bikers of Africa Adventure group parted ways, each carrying memories of a day filled with memories, discovery, and the unbridled joy of the open road.

The next group ride is scheduled for 30 March 2024 and will be headed out to Clarens. All Adventure Bike owners are welcomed to join. More information regarding this ride will be shared on this page.

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