Lockdown restrictions have hit us all in a negative way, locally and internationally. We found ourselves having to include some new words and phrases in our daily vocabularies. Words such as “social distancing, isolation, protective gear, sanitizers” have become part of our daily lives since World Health Organization declared COVID-19 commonly known as Corona Virus, a global pandemic.

We found ourselves in positions of worry and extreme anxiety, as we were facing a challenge we had never encountered before. Public announcements were made, from one country to another, that all borders had to be closed, including the ban of national and international travel. What followed thereafter, was an announcement that all economic activity had to cease and schools needed to be closed. These restrictions were some of the first precautionary measures taken by many governments around the world to ensure that they flatten the curve of corona virus.

All major events around the world were immediately suspended or cancelled. This includes some of our most favourite rallies and dayjols.We all know that preparing for any event takes months and months of planning. So one was left wondering how bad the lockdown impact was for biker clubs that were at the verge of hosting their annual events before the COVID-19 news broke out.

BOA caught up with presidents of biker clubs that were a few weeks away from hosting their annual biking event before lockdown restrictions were implemented.

Swallows MCC – Lawrence Jones – Western Cape

Elite Riderz – Maxi Priest – North West

Nucking Futs – Nathan Kamaldien – Western Cape

Calvary Bikers Ministry – Dimple Narsi – Gauteng

Hyena Mcc – Ayanda Dlamini – eSwatini

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