My name is Ronnie Price and I am crowdfunding to keep Ronnies Sex Shop from not going under and closing its doors. This covit19 is killing me and not getting any fund in.

One day in the 1970s, in the Western Cape province of South Africa, I decided to open a farm stand on Cape Route 62 to sell my fruits and vegetables. To announce my farm stand to the passerby, I painted “Ronnie’s Shop” in red paint on the white facade of the roadside cottage.

But as a practical joke, a few of my friends bought some red paint and renamed the cottage “Ronnie’s Sex Shop.” I decided to keep the new name and instead of running yet another roadside farm stall, I turned my business into a pub and restaurant and it is today one of the best-known destination pubs in the land.

It used to be a popular watering hole for motorcyclists, day-trippers, internationals and the odd thirsty local, you could meet people from all walks of life here.

It is an Icon on the Route 62 that has been running for the last 22 years and I do not want it to go under. This bar/restaurant has been part of South Africa for a very long time at it will be a shame to see it go under.

This will be to save an Icon on the Route 62 that all have fallen in love with.

Funds will be used to keep this amazing place from going under and losing it.

By: Ronnie Price

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