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Oh how much I could do with a ride right now!! I can feel my stress levels piling up as I tackle my daily duties as a responsible father, loyal friend, dedicated employee, loving son, struggling entrepreneur, and just a good man trying to make ends meet in this concrete jungle. Our daily responsibilities often take a toll on one’s mind, heart, body and soul.

We need to blow off steam from time to time, we need that temporary escape to de-stress and yes, surely we all have our fixes! See, I’m a biker, a rider, a motorcyclist or whatever you wanna call it. I’m not really bothered by the name you would give me because if you haven’t experienced what it feels like to be on two wheels, fast moving two wheels, you would never understand. Nothing compares to it, and it just cannot be explained.

At times each ride will offer a different experience and each person can also experience the ride differently even when you’re riding in the same pack. The overall experience is highly reliant on ones current state of mind, or whatever life experiences they’re encountering at that particular time. We all experience something special whether its a celebration, mourning, deep thinking or even just that selfish greed for the open road. This is what we do, we ride!! Like our old and ancient ancestors before us taking the open road on horse back just to travel, we carry on that tradition of riding.

Yeah, I’m sure the reasons for riding were different back then to what is today, but the satisfaction comes out the same. Not sure how many years I’m been riding but it still seems like yesterday when I started, the eagerness to ride just gets stronger as one grows older. It no longer matters whether I ride alone or in a pack, it was purely for fun purposes back then, but it has now become a necessity, an experience that must be fulfilled as any ride could be my last.

I have driven different types of vehicles including trucks and I can do without them. I just can’t get enough of riding my bike. Not sure if it’s due to the adrenalin that comes with living on the edge, or the noise of the wind howling through as you riding. Perhaps is just the piece of freedom experience on the open road, and meeting wonderful people along the way. Any destination is far more appreciated when reached on two wheels. That cigarette, that beer, that coffee, all goes in so much better after having an awesome ride. I don’t know why you do it, but I live to ride and I ride to live.

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