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My friendship with my best friend KG as we affectionately called her, began in 1999 when she moved to Cape Town and joined me in Grade 10 at Good Hope Seminary Girls High School. She looked a little weird but was the right amount of weird to make her my bestie. She was loud, opinionated and funny. She had met criteria.

We both happened to reside in boarding school and it was not long before we hit it off like a house on fire. The teachers battled to pronounce her name, which we often teased her about.

Although we saw each other daily, we often wrote each other letters, most of which I still have. We were both involved in extramural activities including the school choir, debating and drama, which simply meant more time spent together.

Her intelligence and charisma very soon landed her in the leadership team. She became school Prefect that unfortunately had a rebellious best friend.

I stand here very familiar with death.
I have lost both siblings, a father, favorite uncles and aunts and most recently a few good friends. I mention this because, it is through my battle with the concept of death that my friend Kgomotso walked with me. Which is why her passing cuts so deep.
Having said that, in an unfortunate twist of events, I am comforted in that I am the one bidding her farewell. Had it been the other way around, it would have probably destroyed her. It is heavy but I would rather go through this pain and not her.
Still, not in a million years did I think days like this would come, and come so soon.

We were opposites in many different aspects:
Complexion, physic, dress sense.

She was my chocolate cupcake and I was her caramel fudge.
She was a lady in skirts and I was the boy in pants.
She was a hiphop girl while I’m a house junkie.
She was shades of blue and I was a pinkish mess.

Besides the love and sisterhood that we shared, we did have just as many commonalities. Ambition and a zest for life amongst many things.

Ever since I can remember, we both just had a thing for New York City. And finally, after many years of dreaming about it, finally we had started making plans for a trip to the BIG APPLE sometime this year.
She would joke around and say if she went to Brooklyn, Manhattan, or ended up somewhere in the Projects, she wasn’t coming back. In my mind today I may want to believe that she’s finally gone to New York.

Every aspect of my life she was there, the good, the bad, the ugly. I’m left with a million memories through videos and photos, all showing evidence of her felt presence in my life.

KG and I were very vocal about the love we had for each other, and expressed it at every opportunity. We confided and openly shared our insecurities about ourselves with each other and have a few secrets between us too. She knew what I was thinking before I could say it and often we finished each other’s sentences. We had silly conversations and we had deep serious conversations too. I’m holding on to all of them.

We also randomly suprised each other with stuff, she would see something she thought id like and get it, and vice versa. This was my sister.

We shared some heartfelt messages between Christmas and New Years day. She kept thanking me for everything as if it wasn’t my obligation. Since her passing, I have read these messages differently. She was saying GOODBYE.

My choma welcomed my new biking lifestyle and was always very excited whenever I told her about the freedom and happiness biking had brought to my life. My 1st bike was a customized one-seater bobber so i could never take her with me on a ride.

I promised myself a special gift on my birthday last year and went ahead and bought a mean machine. The idea was to also be able to take her for a ride before she left for home in December. She then became ill. So I postponed collecting the bike until such time she came back early Jan, then we’d get on the open road. It was all plans in my head of which not many knew, and neither did she.

The bike was going to be named after her, because well…she’s my best friend and she’d be over the moon. I spent the last few weeks debating whether i still wanted this bike because, what’s the point now?! But knowing that this very bike was going to help me heal, i re-considered.
Today marks 1 month since her departure and with a happy smile and a sore heart i went to collect my new therapist. Meet KD aka Kgomotso Davidson. Here’s to many miles in honor of my beautiful friend. #screwitletsride #foreverkgomotso

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